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Co-Founder & CEO

The Windowfarms Project is a public mass collaboration on hydroponic food growing research & development. The project has resulted in breakthrough technology for urban food growing and a virtual green product development lab of volunteer user testers & developers worldwide. It started as an art project and an experiment in late 2008. After considerable press, the project has grown a significant community of 20,000+ users and has required full time work, while revealing a significant market for a product. Product sales support the digital community and our work to improve urban dweller’s relationship and impact on the local environment.

We have developed low cost international patent pending vertical hydroponic systems that allow city dwellers to grow up to 32 vegetable plants in a typical apartment window year-round. 20,000+ participating families, classrooms, gardeners, foodies, engineers and experts from a variety of fields contribute back to the project as end-user testers and citizen scientists.

21c Museum Hotel, Louisville, KY, 09/11
ABC Carpet & Home, Spring/10
Ars Electronica Festival, 09/10
The Whitney Museum of American Art, 10/09
Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki, 10/09
Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology NY, 06/09

Martha Stewart Show, 8/10
Good Morning America, 09/10
NPR Weekend Edition, 04/10
Entrepreneur Magazine, Named "Top 100 Most Brilliant Companies to Watch in 2010," 09/10
Art in America, 10/09
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